En route for Asia with Pierre Gagnaire

Auditing, training and consultancy for prestigious teams

Michel Izard (à gauche) avec Olivier Chaignon, Jean-Marie Pougnet et Pierre Gagnaire au restaurant de l'ANA InterContinental Tokyo en 2011

Michel Izard (left) with Olivier Chaignon, Jean-Marie Pougnet and Pierre Gagnaire at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo restaurant, 2011

Michel Izard (left) with Pierre Gagnaire (right)

As an ambassador for French bread, master baker and subtle flavour consultant, Michel Izard works in both Asia and Europe. His consulting work in conjunction with Pierre Gagnaire involved three phases.

First, Michel Izard performed an audit, analysing the facilities and practices of the teams.

Next, the master baker trained the team members individually on the product ranges, and on how to determine the appropriate technique that is key to the best practice in a given area. Lastly, Michel Izard brought sourdough starter with him in his luggage. The product is crucial for making high quality breads the traditional way.

Six months later, his consulting services took the form of precise, customised follow-up to help the team adapt to customer demand.