Restaurant dining

Offering the pleasure of a healthy lunch with Un coin salé!

Master bakers have many selling points for customers seeking food that is not only tasty, but also healthy. Un coin salé! is a concept that seeks to help bakers invest in equipment to ensure an innovative, affordable service.

A lucrative yet highly selective market segment

Healthy lunches are increasingly going mainstream in France, for some 3,000 bakers out of the 33,000 in the profession. Ever attentive to the latest trends, these craftsmen know they are the best placed to meet the challenge of combining the pleasure of a healthy lunch with the varied menus that are essential to a sound diet, and at fair prices, to be affordable to the greatest number.
The concept of Un coin salé! launched by Michez Izard Consulting goes beyond the beaten path. It involves a series of questions, such as whether the team is ready and willing to innovate, whether the bakery sales outlet is well-placed, and how to test out the best offers.
The initial investment pack focuses on the means available, such as team training and advertising. Michel Izard Consulting offers customised training combined with a design guide for the  lunch corner. An audit, which may be carried out in one day, helps master bakers check their fundamentals before diving into this lucrative yet highly selective market segment.